Stephanie Smith

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Melbourne based Stephanie Smith has been proudly represented by Chadwick Management since early 2012.
Stephanie was signed to the agency after being spotted at Doncaster Shopping town by a model scout who encouraged her to contact Chadwick. Stephanie was unsure about applying, but Chadwick were enthusiastic and within weeks, she was signed with the agency and started full time modelling. Stephanie quickly built up a regular client base, attracted to her for her professionalism, outgoing personality and athletic looks.
It was around this time she decided to start an instagram page. When she made her first instagram post in 2012, Stephanie could never have dreamt what would follow. Stephanie’s active engagement with her audience quickly built a strong following. One hundred followers became a thousand, which became 10,000 and so forth. With now over an incredible 1.3 million followers, Stephanie continues to love using her following in a positive way by influencing people towards a healthy lifestyle. “I think it's been great to be able to show people how easy it is to look after themselves” she said.
Stephanie’s genuine passion for wellbeing and health, led her to publish a book with fellow model Laura Henshaw in 2015. Their business venture, a healthy eating cook book, ‘Keep it Clean’ went
incredibly well and led to the launch of a website early in 2016. Since then, the site has boomed and last year Kicgirls was launched and is not one of the fastest growing fitness subscriber sites in the country.
Stephanie and Laura also have expanded Keep It Cleaner into a food product range which is available at Coles stores nationally and growing fast.
To name only a few - Stephanie has appeared in Women’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Cleo Magazine, campaigns for Myer, Roxy Swimwear, BrasNThings, Supre, and sun care company Bondi Sands. She has been ambassador to Adidas, Myer Fashion on the Field, and Clinique cosmetics. She has worked in USA, France, Indonesia, The UK, The Maldives and New Zealand, the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, and Morocco.
Stephanie is a powerhouse, and all the above activity and more, solidifies Stephanie’s status as a top model, publisher and fitness authority, and one of Australia’s #1 Gen Y influencer.