Melanie Jarnson

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Melanie Jarnson - Bio

Melanie has burst to the attention of Australia’s TV audience in her standout performance in the new Channel 7 Australian Drama ‘Between Two Worlds’.

Melanie describes her character Georgia Konig as “Georgia is complicated, scheming and dangerous. She is a very confident and intelligent woman and she has used every one of those assets to spin her intricate web of deception.”

Melanie made her TV debut in 2018 on Australian television drama series Harrow alongside Ioan Gruffudd.

Melanie's international experiences as the daughter of a Diplomat and Journalist made for a colourful childhood. Her parents exposed her to the diversity of people and cultures of Brussels, Bangkok, Mumbai and now Sydney Australia.

Beyond acting, Melanie is an accomplished Equestrian, specialising in Dressage, the highest expression of horse training.

Beyond her acting representation with CBM, Melanie’s modelling world is proudly handled by Chadwick Models – Celebrity division.

All modelling enquiries should be directed to Martin Walsh [MD Chadwick Models]